Barhopping / Pub Crawl Limo Parties

Keeping your group safe is our number one priority. With over a decade of experience we know all the hot spots your party will be looking for, and would can even help plan your route.

The vast majority of our barhopping reservations last more than four hours from start to finish. What we have done to create the ultimate party package is only charge you four hours but give you a fifth hour as a bonus. So have that extra drink, take the extra photo, the fifth hour is on us.







Did you know per capita Alaskans drink 28.7 gallons of BEER per year*

Did you know that over 27% of driving fatalities involved alcohol impaired drivers**.

Did you know, in 2011, there were 4,420 D.U.I. arrests in Alaska

Did you know a first time DWI arrest will cost you $24,265***

Did you know with the same amount of money as a DWI, you could rent a 10-passenger limousine for 270 hours. That equates to a limo party every weekend for more than a year.


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The choice is crystal clear, Enjoy your party, drinks and friends, simply do it with in style and safety inside an Alaskan Splendor Limousine. Party hard, but leave the driving to us!